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The Many Types of Construction Contractor

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Your Questions About Commercial Building Inspections Answered

If you are about to purchase a commercial building, it is essential to have a building inspection done. And even when the seller furnishes you with an inspection certificate, it is always in your best interests to have an inspection carried out independently so that you are guaranteed you have not missed any potential problems, whether structural or pest-related, with the building. Nevertheless, if you have never had a building inspection carryout out before, you may be wondering what the entire process will entail and what you should expect. Read the following piece that answers frequently asked questions regarding building inspections.

What goes on during a building inspection?

As long as your commercial building is going to be occupied by people, the structure needs to be inspected and cleared for occupancy. This building inspection covers a host of aspects. Firstly, the inspector will check the structural soundness of the building, and this can mean looking out for foundation damage, the state of the roofing and so on. Secondly, the inspector will check the condition of the utilities such as plumbing and electricity. In addition to this, the inspector will also review the building for any potential infestations that will need to be taken care of. From rodents to mould, it is imperative to have the building cleared.

What duration does a building inspection take?

While there are specific things that building inspectors will be on the lookout for, there is no set of time that all building inspections take There are an array fo actors what will influence how much time your inspector will spend on site. For instance, the square footage of the building will have a direct influence on how long your inspection will take. Additionally, depending on the type of commercial building you have. For example, a factory will have different industry standards that need to be met than an office premise.

Is it mandatory to get a building inspection performed?

Although it is not mandatory to hire a building inspector, it is essential if you want to avoid inconveniences down the road. If the building is to be found unfit for occupancy, you can quickly become shut down by safety or health inspectors. Moreover, getting your building certified by an inspector can help with satisfying you as a developer as well as any lenders or investors who could be financing your business. Lastly, having a thorough building inspection also ensures that your occupants are not at risk of injuries or fatalities.

For more information, contact your local building inspection services today.