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Two tips for new hotel owners who've hired freezer room construction contractors

Here are two tips for any new hotel owner who has hired a construction contractor to build a freezer room for their restaurant's frozen food.

Consider the hotel restaurant's freezer requirements before choosing the size and capacity of the freezer room

At the very beginning of this project, the freezer room construction contractor will need the hotel owner to tell them what size and capacity they'd prefer this structure to have. This will determine the amount of building items the contractor will have to order (such as the number of shelves, wall panels and insulation materials, as well as the size of the refrigeration equipment). Before making this decision, the hotel owner must consider their restaurant's freezer requirements.

They should, for example, analyse the anticipated demand for their restaurant's frozen food products during the upcoming peak and off-peak seasons, based on the number of guests they expect to host throughout these periods. They should also consider the typical contents of their menu and how many of the dishes will be prepared using frozen foods. Additionally, they should also factor in any bigger events they anticipate hosting, such as weddings, that may require them to store very large amounts of frozen food. Considering these factors prior to confirming their preferred dimensions and capacity to the contractor will reduce the risk of their kitchen staff running out of space for frozen food and then having to readjust the hotel restaurant menu as a result of this.

Give lots of thought to the freezer room's location

It's important for the hotel owner to give lots of thought to the new freezer room's location before telling the contractor where to build it. The construction of this room will require a substantial amount of money and it would be both costly and disruptive to the hotel business to disassemble and reconstruct it in a new area, should the hotel owner ever decide that its existing location is unsuitable.

In addition to ensuring it's built in a part of the hotel kitchen that will be easy for the staff to access, the hotel owner should also ensure that it's located in a spot where it will be easy for deliverypeople to reach, so these individuals can quickly unload frozen goods into it, without disrupting the flow of work within the restaurant kitchen. Furthermore, it will also need to be constructed somewhere relatively far away from the kitchen's biggest heat sources (like its ovens and hobs). If the hot air and steam from any nearby heat sources blow into the freezer room each time someone opens its door, this could result in inconsistent temperatures within it (which could affect the quality of the frozen food) and might result in its refrigeration system being overworked, which could shorten the equipment's lifespan.

For more information about freezer room construction, contact a local company.