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The Many Types of Construction Contractor

Yo! Welcome to this new blog. Last year, I decided to fix up my home. I had lived in this place for the past 20 years and since I moved in, I haven't really done a thing to it. I decided to do something about it when I arrived home one day and saw how terrible my house looked compared to my neighbour's places. I called in a range of different contractors to replace the roof, repair the walls and paint the interior. I was really pleased with the results and I picked up a lot useful tips which I would like to share with you.

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Five Reasons To Carry Out Bathroom Waterproofing

Things can go wrong in your bathroom, and when they do, they tend to go big time! This can result in a living nightmare. When renovating, most people simply paint, paper or tile on top of existing plastered walls and brickwork, or they lay tiles or lino on top of floorboards. Even though these methods will keep costs down, they are not always to best surfaces to prevent problems with moisture.

Giving your bathroom the wet room treatment is one way of dealing with any issues. This is done by using boards and adhesive which provides a barrier to water. This doesn't mean you have to go all out and spend copious amounts of money on a walk-in shower—the traditional bath and shower unit can still be used.

Listed below are 5 reasons to carry out bathroom waterproofing:

1. Stop Leaks

Water will always travel downwards. Even the slightest crack or weak point in your floor or wall may result in water slowly creeping through, which will make its way to the ground floor of your home. This can cause water to infiltrate light fittings or electronics, which of course can be extremely dangerous. Waterproofing your bathroom would prevent such occurrences.

2. Damp and Mould Prevention

Plywood or plaster underneath tiles can become damp if not treated in the correct way. Adding a waterproof barrier to such surfaces can prevent a condensation build up, which in turn will prevent damp.

3. Insulation

Bathroom waterproofing will not only prevent leaks and damp, but it will also act as a fantastic insulator. If your bathroom adjoins an external wall, you will be aware of how cold those walls can feel to the touch, especially in the colder seasons. Using waterproof boarding can help to keep the bathroom warmer, which in turn will reduce your energy bills.

4. More Bathroom Options

More designer touches can be added to your bathroom when waterproofing, such as a wall-hung basin or a wall-hung toilet with a hidden cistern. Adding chic and beautiful little niches for your essentials can also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

5. Increase Property Value

A waterproof bathroom can show that you have spent the time and effort to professionally finish your bathroom and improve your property. This will show that you take pride in your home if you are considering placing it on the sellers market.

Bathroom waterproofing kits can now be purchased from most DIY stores and online, which are simple to install. To learn more about your options, contact companies like Westside Sealants Pty Ltd.